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Emergency and Security Projects

Emergency and Security Projects represent some of our more pressing, urgent needs. Sometimes a specific community is missing emergency supplies such as medical equipment; or, security equipment, which can be anything from handheld radios to vehicles, fencing, and security perimeter lighting. These items can mean the difference between life and death as the rapid response teams and other emergency staff and volunteers remain vigilant to protect the men, women and children of Judea and Samaria from terrorist attacks, road accidents, and other emergency situations.

Efrat Emergency

$40,100.00 Goal

Efrat has grown and continues to grow, in its dedication to a life of faith while building families

Karnei Shomron Emergency

$33,300.00 Goal

Your gift to Karnei Shomron will supply crucial support to the Rapid Response Team and will contribute significantly

Kedumim Emergency

$27,200.00 Goal

Kedumim’s residents come to Kedumim in fulfillment of their belief in the divine promise of a Jewish return

Rechalim Surveillance System

$66,300.00 Goal

The community of Rechalim was founded by young pioneers who fervently believed that the Jewish people belong in

Tekoa Surveillance

$2,300.00 Goal

Tragedy has not stopped the people of Tekoa from growing and building; they are determined to stay strong.

Tomer Emergency

$6,200.00 Goal

CFOIC Heartland provided help for Tomer’s emergency needs in years past, but now the community needs your help